8 Tips for making a presentation that will capture peoples attention

Do you have a pending presentation for work or school and don't know where to begin? Worry not for we have come up with 8 tips that will guarantee you that raise or good grade.

The steps that you should take in order to come up with a stand out presentation are:



Use pictures

Rather than boring people with paragraphs and paragraphs of texts keep things exciting and use pictures. You can even go a step further and use animations and short videos.


Be clear and go straight to the point

Make your presentation short and sweet. You do not need to highlight everything just keep the important parts. 


Show your passion for the particular topic

This assists you with connecting with your audience. You can also tell them some personal stories to show them how much you care about the topic.


Imagine you're the audience

Try tailoring your presentation to your audience's expertise. If they aren't familiar with the topic that you're presenting you might wanna consider simplifying it for them


Use Humour 

Another way to capture your audience's attention is by making them laugh, do not overdo it tho, you might end up distracting them from the actual presentation.


Watch your pace

Do not get too excited or nervous that you end up rushing through your presentation. People will not be able to catch up with what you're presenting. Also do not go too slow that you end up boring people.


Involve the audience

Try and have your audience participate in the presentation to. You can do this by either asking them questions or having them perform small tasks such as helping you perform scenes


Body language is important

Loosen up, move around and use your hands


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