Launching the Virtual Event Sponsorship Toolkit

Do you want to host an independently led virtual event sponsored by QAN? Check out this toolkit to learn how you can create an inclusive, safe, affirming and engaging virtual space.

To access the Virtual Event Sponsorship Toolkit, follow this link:

As we encourage our members to host independently led virtual events sponsored by QAN, we have created a toolkit to support them in hosting the best possible virtual event. The Virtual Event Sponsorship Program further advances QAN’s mission of providing queer Africans in our community with inclusive, safe, affirming and engaging virtual spaces.

The topics tackled in this toolkit include: Inclusive Facilitation, Conflict Mitigation, Prevention of Sexual Assault (PSEA), and more. Additionally, the toolkit aims to help the organizer develop a marketing strategy, plan out the date and time of the event, and guidelines to be observed during the event.

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