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Today's anime of the day is Akame Ga Kill! / Akame ga Kiru! /アカメが斬る!


Anime Series - 24 Episodes.


Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy.


Tatsumi, a fighter, travels to the city in search of a way to support his impoverished village. After losing all of his money in a woman's robbery, Tatsumi is taken in by Aria, a noble aristocratic girl. The following night, the Night Raid, a group of assassins, attacks Aria's home. Tatsumi initially attempts to protect Aria from the assassin Akame, but the fight is broken up by a group member. She reveals that Aria has kidnapped and tortured several villagers for fun. After seeing the tortured villagers, including his two closest friends, Tatsumi murders Aria. Tatsumi is invited to join Night Raid after they recognize his potential and issue a warning that they are murderers no matter how they choose to kill corrupted individuals. Tatsumi agrees to help himself and his village by strengthening himself. The Jaegars, led by Esdeath, the Empire's most formidable fighter, were one of the Night Raid's first targets in their conflict with the Empire. As both the Night Raid and Jaegars suffer losses, the Empire establishes a new secret police force, the Wild Hunt, led by the prime minister's son, Shura, to supplement its legal reinforcements. However, the Wild Hunt abuses its newfound power by murdering innocent civilians for amusement.


Released - 2014.


Here's the Youtube link to watch the trailer,



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