Why Are You Gay- Not the Meme - PART 2

Returning to the scene of the crime because yet again take up space and be proud.

Literally after that interesting encounter that morning at the coffee house on my way to my first meeting that morning, i had a lot of unaanswered questions or rather my brain went on a marathon of thoughts


My Brain: Do i look that gay? was it my outfit? what was the identifier im literally straight passing this, it definitley was the flick of the wrist? was it the intonation in the way i said brownie? is he gay? maybe his wife/girlfriend must follow me on the interwebs? does everyone know im gay and i dont know? maybe he was still high? am i the drama, i dont think im the drama?

well as you can see i had alot to think about, first of all my outfit was literally khaki khakis, grey addidas sneakers, a lumberjack cordoroy shirt average fit, and a black helmu lang bomber jacket no jewelery, no make up, not smelling like roses infact i smell like tree bark, for those that know my sense of style it moves between faux leather, mesh tops, flamboyant shirts, doc martins and smelling like a bouquet of god damn flowery goodness, so naturally i was perplexed and constantly asking myself you know what i need to figure out how identifiable i am.

In high school biology we are taught about osmosis by submerging a small piece of a potato in a hypotonic solution and another piece in a hypertonic solution. So as a person who enjoyed the sciences i had to recreate the same experiment to the best of my ability, i must return to the scene of the crime but on my terms and this time im going to be in the hypotonic solution because im the one in control of it now. 

Got up, did my morning routine, got glammed up(some mesh,some highlighter,doc martins,pearls and rings), got into the car, made a fast playlist, and quedd the song of the day- Blick Blick- Coi le ray Nicki Minaj, you know its serious when we need the courage and fierceness of Nicki because im definitley a barb.I arrived shotly after, took a deep breathe and i was walking to the door, i opened the door and boom showed up and showed out, i bid the baristas with a loud flamboyant good morning and i was third in que. I looked through the peep hole window and looky the chef is there, the other 2 baristas are there, so we are only definitely missing the man who can't mind his business in here. so my experiment is still on key. I hum the SOD:

Uh, push it, push it, click, click
Yeah, pop up on an opp and watch it blick, blick

Now didn't expect this last part I get to the counter and Hussein isn't weird at all "Hello Feizal, Americano extra dark?" I nod and add a brownie for me, the door flings open and boom a beautiful but familiar man walks in, simple sense of style but built well enough to be able to carry a small horse, he smiles because i don't notice that I'm staring, I smile back and focus on my payment at this time Hussein is cupping my americano and in the brief moment of silence, the familiar man answers his phone hey girl and I'm like biiitch you one of us!

Hoes ain't fuckin' with Barbie (Brr)
Tae did my pink bob, Marley (Brr)
I got a whole army, ask Charlie
Pull up with a killer, he the Joker, I'm Harley (Brr)
Wrist on chunky Barbie (Barbie)
Me, Onika Tanya (Tanya)

I look back and he waves, I get my coffee and brownie and as I'm walking past he says you aren't you going to say hi, I say embarrassed Uhm i wasn't sure it was you (a lie because biitch who are you?) and then he says "I just got back into town been gone for a  minute" and I play along and ask "how was (random cough escapes) where you were " and he laughs and goes like "Uhm Rwanda is great really growing" and it hits me I met this man on a dating app at the airport. LOOOL the rest of the morning was breakfast, which turned into lunch; the rest is for my brain to know.

So in short the takeaway from all this is: " Go back, Take space, but be you, be proud" who knows you might just meet someone you met and get a nut. 


Feizal Ahmed

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