The chronicles of love unfound

I usually start with some kind of introduction but I don't really understand what am really entangling myself into.

Love is a very inconsistent topic it's a pradox to me it's always conflicted with me .


I usually start with a premise but this time I'm just going to rival in the awesomeness of emotions.



Everybody loves. Every single person at some point has  that small moment of bliss that changes "the rest of their life and we are not the only ones, even animals have fully emotional relationships they actually cuddle , cry get hurt .


But what exactly is love? Let me finally answer the question that has perplexed scientists for generations, hold on just for a second. Love is the single most powerful emotion any human can ever experience


love is free, it can't be owned, bought or sold, funny ain't it. it has no mass or weight and cannot be touched, it's precious


It makes us do some really very stupid staff some times ??... I would say it's more than just an emotion it can physically , mentally, psychologically affect our bodies in some rather incredible ways or fuck up your entire life "ain't love an enigma".


Some extraordinary research revealed that when two lovers gaze into each other's eyes, their heart rate synchronize and beat at the exact same rate . Just so you know my heart beats are way faster than normal so can be true for a majority with a few exceptions .


Love is also a powerful painkiller in-fact cuddling is known to reduce headaches, during a loving embrace,  The chemical Oxytocin is released in our brains, ovaries and testicles. Research suggests that a dose of Oxytocins significantly reduces headaches and lower down pain. 


But I haven't answered the question , have I, the question of what love is ? .

The truth is I don't think I know the answer to that and if it makes you feel any better,  there are over a billion songs and stories written about love and they all are subjective to one's experience towards it ?. The totally have no answer whatsoever to what love is , there basically a short life experience of the musician singing the song and I don't think there's real any more better answer to what love is than love is love.


I think I know the answer but am not qualified to actually answer it. I am not anymore as sure I know for a fact that it isn't just subjective to my own experience.

Most claim that love is based on equity, reciprocation and mutual attraction to each other's characters. But I disagree, in favor of my argument that love can be totally one sided. It can be hidden, it can be silent, unspoken or it can be multiple sided. love doesn't really have a formular it's Just as , is.


You can love and not get loved back, love and get loved back, you can love multiple people and get loved back by all, the other side doesn't determine  how you feel about someone it only opens up a means to share mutual feelings. 


It's not mandatory for it to happen, because it still doesn't change the fact that your in love… to be continuation 


la niina

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