When Grieving.

We have put together a couple of reminders for you when you're going through a hard time with the loss of a loved one.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve.

Grief visits from any type of loss we experience.

It is a natural part of life and there are healthy ways to manage this heavy emotions.

It is a deeply individual experience.

Each loss is personal to you and no one should shame you for it.

Your process is unique to you so Try not to judge yourself either for the motions you go through.

Sit with your emotions.

Grieving triggers many different and unexpected feelings. Try to acknowledge them as they come up.

Feelings are important messengers to keep us in tune with our process and are there to support us through.

Care for your physical body.

When mourning, it can be challenging to pay attention to your body as There are physical symptoms of grief at play. Having practices that keep you in tune is helpful to move the heavy emotional energy around. Taking walks, eating your favorite food or even getting a back rubs can help.

Notice the triggers.

Things like anniversaries or favorite songs may bring back all these painful emotions and it could be helpful to know what they are so that you can manage them as they come and call on support if needed.

Surround yourself with your support team.

You may feel alone after losing someone. Being in the presence of loved ones may help ease this isolating experience. If it gets overwhelming, you can reach out to a counsellor as well for extra support.

You will get through it.

It is helpful to remember that although the pain may stay for a while, it slowly gets less intense the more you process the loss. It will be harder at first and we may never be able to move on unmarked by the loss. Eventually we learn how to work through the pain when it visits.

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