Socialize with fellow LGBT+ Africans, find opportunities, and access an archive of queer African stories

  • Social

    Building a robust community that celebrates the fullness of who they are, share similar experiences, and build momentum to mobilize around issues. Using the social features under this pathway, members can find and connect with verified like-minded folk globally in a safe environment (away from blackmail and government crackdowns). This enables members to build meaningful relationships and robust coalitions. Our goal is to undo the harmful culture created by colonial laws that enforce social isolation on us. This will ultimately foster connection with other queer people, thereby shrinking mental health issues that often plague our community.

  • Fundraising and marketplace

    The fundraising and marketplace feature helps diversify funding and support opportunities available to queer innovators. Members can participate equitably in the digital economy through these fundraising and marketplace features where they can trade their art and products in new ways; not necessarily for money but to barter as well and raise funds. We prioritise community, collaboration and resource sharing over capitalism’s core tenets rooted in individualism, capital accumulation and competition.

  • Blog

    Members can access relevant information through our blog feature that supports knowledge sharing by housing articles and toolkits from our community with information relevant to Queer African lives. Members or organizations can also share templates and research findings here that young organizers can leverage and thereby not have to re-invent the wheel.

  • Opportunities Security

    Our opportunities pathway provides a career development program rooted in healing, resource sharing and network building to increase the economic mobility of queer people. We are challenging traditional job board platforms by providing long-term attention to each members unique needs. Further, we are challenging traditional skills and career development programs by recognizing the unique and particularly hostile environment queer people work in and by co-tailoring tools for resistance. We also provide a scholarship preparatory support for members to increase their chances of securing and navigating higher education..

Fundraising and marketplace Queer African Network